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The Audience Engagement Network (AEN) is a UK-wide marketing network bringing together the leading print marketing agencies from across the UK.

Why work with us?

We are the UK’s only dedicated print marketing service for arts, culture, heritage, leisure and tourism institutions. We offer clients the unique ability to reach millions of consumers natiowide through our extensive network of owned print display racks located in thousands of museums, hotels, theme parks, community space and other public venues.

Clients can benefit from our breadth of print services inlcluding…

The distribution of print marketing pieces, flyers, brochures and what’s on guides in thousands of racks.

Direct Mail to homes, On-Street handouts, Outdoor posters and Hotel bedroom folders.

Looking to talk to an audience online?

Talk to us about how we can build a targeted digital plan to suit your campaign objectives. We manage a full gamut of digital advertising opportunities to match your budget and target audiences.